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Posted on 2005.10.01 at 22:01
Mood: pissed offpissed off
wow people are so judgmental
and closed minded
people in chihuahuas jumped on me cuz arturo and isabella had puppies
so i left
then i am recommended to join dramafree_chis
and they reject me cuz arturo and isbella had puppies
that looked like a better community too !
wtf is wrong wit people on here???
lj didn't use to be lke this

you know what
i take real good care of my pets
i take them to the vet once a yr for checkups
plus any other time thye need it
issabella went with each pregnancy
anddeliveries too
the puppies were taken good care of
and they have good homes
i don't see the problem
and if anyone can't keep a puppy
i will take it back

i am making this friend's only
yuo don't need to read about my dogs
since you hate them all so much
and that's all i realy post about any way
and i won't be posting about them publically

no love